Mark Buherle is looking for more records to break

A no-hitter, a perfect game, and 45 consecutive batters retired without reaching base. He went 49 consecutive starts going six or more innings (ended on a boneheaded ejection with two outs in the 6th in Baltimore after hitting a batter—I’m never going to forget what a demented call that was) And he does it with an 87 mph fastball. Who needs a power arm when you can have a crafty lefty who knows what he’s doing?

Baseball wasn’t all that big where I grew up, so I didn’t really follow the sport until I moved to Chicago near where the White Sox play. I decided that if I was going to be stuck in traffic every summer when the Sox were in town, that I might as well root them on. Buherle pitched the baseball game I ever saw live, and—big surprise—the White Sox won. It’s a shock when he loses, and it’s joy when he’s on the mound.

Congrats, Mr. Buherle: you show the rest of us what determination and effort can get you. It truly is incredible… —DKT